About Institute for Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics

The Institute for Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics (IMMI), Kuban State University leaded by Prof. E.V. Glushkov and Prof. N.V. Glushkova (www.evg.kubsu.ru) is internationally recognized thanks to the investigation into elastodynamic wave processes in complex structures. The research is based on the fundamental mathematics and a thorough preliminary analytical study that involves such tools as integral transforms, complex variables, asymptotic analysis, and residue technique. The integral approach results in efficient low cost computer models and physically clear insight into wave phenomena. It provides a specific competitive advantage in international scientific cooperation. The members of IMMI are also experienced in numerical simulations using commercial finite element method packages such as Comsol and ANSYS.

Among the latest results of the Institute, there is the study of guided wave excitation and propagation in composite structures as well as its diffraction by localized and distributed internal and interfacial inhomogeneities. The theoretical methods and computer models developed in this field have been experimentally validated in the course of international collaborative projects with research groups from Germany, Sweden and the USA. Those joint studies have won grant supports of various Russian and European science foundations (RFBR, Ministry of education and science of Russia, INTAS, DFG, DAAD, Swedish Institute, NATO research programme and others). The results obtained are published in top peer-reviewed international scientific journals, presented at authoritative scientific forums, and received competitive scientific awards such as the State Prize in Science and Technology (Russia, 2002), DFG Mercator Professorship, (Germany 2007-2008), The President of the Russian Federation Scholarship for young scientistscarrying out advanced research in priority directions of modernization of the Russian economy (Russia, 2012-2014) the Medal of European Academy (EU, 2012) and the Medal of the Russian Academy of Science with Prize (Russia, 2013).

In general, the IMMI research interests are

  • Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and Computational Mechanics;

  • Wave Dynamics and Strength problems related to Non-Destructive Evaluation, Acoustics, Solid Electronics, Geophysics, Seismic Prospecting;

  • Boundary Integral Equation methods based on Integral Transforms and Complex Analysis;

  • Computer implementation (programming and coding) of the methods above;

Recent and ongoing projects relate to the following fields of applications:

  • ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and guided wave structural health monitoring (SHM) of anisotropic laminate composite structures;
  • experimental studies related to NDE and SHM;
  • laminate structures with piezoelectric coverings; acoustoelectronic devices based on surface acoustic waves (SAW);
  • phonon crystals, studying of gap and pass band phenomena;
  • geophysics and vibro-seismic prospecting, waves in porous and cracked media as well as in complex borehole structures;
  • functionally graded materials and structures;
  • singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problems;